Collection: Closures & Frontals

What is a Closure or Frontal???

A Closure and/or Frontal is a hair piece that is usually made of Swiss advanced Lace

Transparent Lace may require tinting to match the complexion on your forehead, but still an amazing material to conceal and protect your leave-out.

If worn everyday should be replaced every 6-9 months...

High Definition Lace (HD Lace) does not require much maintenance and great with blending into many skin complexions. The HD Lace is thinner so must be handled with much care and installed by a professional.

The Hair piece is attached to a flat cornrow base or attached to a wig cap to mimic natural parting options. These pieces are used to improve the natural flow of the desire curl pattern when selecting your bundles... 

Closure and Frontals do not last as long as bundles and will need to be replaced periodically depending on the style and longevity of you install